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October 8, 2019

Trademark Summary

The trademark application AL PADRINO was filed by VOEST AUTOIMPEX SRL, a corporation established under the laws of Romania (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on October 30, 2019, and it was registered by office on February 7, 2020 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in Romanian (English was selected as the second language).

Change of name and professional address of the trademark registration was recorded on March 4, 2021.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 1 with following description of goods:
    1. Detergent additive for use with motor oil
    2. Machining coolants
    3. Engine coolants
    4. Cooling fluids for vehicle radiators
    5. Self-toning paper [photography]
    6. Structural adhesives for automotive use
    7. Detergents for automatic cleaning systems, as part of manufacturing operations
    8. Automobile gasket cement
    9. Compositions for repairing vehicle tyres
    10. Chemicals for use in the automotive industry
    11. Flushing agents for automobile radiators
    12. Automobile tire inflator sealers
    13. Automobile cooling system leak sealants
    14. Automobile brake system leak sealants
    15. Automobile power steering system leak sealants
    16. Chemical preservatives for use as corrosion inhibitors on automobile exhaust systems
    17. Universal reagents for automated test systems [laboratory]
    18. Universal reagents for automated test systems [scientific]
    19. Motor vehicle body fillers
    20. Oils for brakes
    21. Oils for hydraulic cushions
    22. Oils for hydraulic suspensions
    23. Oils for hydraulic circuits
    24. Cooling fluids for vehicle radiators
    25. Chemical preparations for use as coolants
    26. Flushing agents for cooling systems
    27. Conditioners for cooling systems
    28. Anti-freeze for vehicle cooling systems
    29. Freezing agents for use in cooling mechanical components
    30. Natural desiccants for chilling by desorbing water vapour
    31. Silicone resins
    32. Silicone solutions for use in anti-offset equipment
    33. Silicone surfactants for industrial purposes
    34. Chemical petrol additives
    35. Chemical additives for fuel treatment
    36. Additive concentrates (Chemical -) for motor fuels
    37. Chemical additives for engine cooling systems
    38. Degreasing agents [not for household use].
  • The mark was filed in class 3 with following description of goods:
    1. Fragrances for automobiles
    2. Automobile wax
    3. Detergents for automobiles
    4. Automobile polishes
    5. Car wax with a paint sealant
    6. Carnauba wax for automotive use
    7. Scouring liquids
    8. Degreasing preparations for engines.
  • The mark was filed in class 4 with following description of goods:
    1. Fuel for motor vehicles
    2. Liquefied petroleum gases to be used in motor vehicles
    3. Liquefied gases for driving motor vehicles
    4. Automotive greases
    5. Automobile lubricants
    6. Oils for automobiles
    7. Automotive lubricants for car engines
    8. Automotive final drive oils
    9. Automotive engine oils
    10. Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus
    11. Lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines
    12. Waterproofing preparations in the form of oils for motor car ignition systems
    13. Lubricating oils for the shaping of metal pieces
    14. Lubricating oils for the cutting of metal pieces
    15. Fuel oil
    16. Mineral motor fuel
    17. Emulsions of oil for use as a fuel
    18. Combustion enhancers [oils]
    19. Dust binding compositions in the nature of oils
    20. Dust absorbing compositions in the nature of oils
    21. Dust wetting compositions in the nature of oils
    22. Motor oil
    23. Shock absorbing oils
    24. Synthetic lubricating oils
    25. Industrial oil for batteries
    26. Extra fine oils for motors
    27. Fine oils for motors
    28. Lubricating oils being hydraulic oils
    29. Oil based lubricants
    30. Lubricating oils and greases
    31. Non-chemical additives for engine oils
    32. Non-chemical additives for transmission oils
    33. Anti-freezing additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels
    34. Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for motor fuels
    35. Additives (Non-chemical -) for combustion enhancers
    36. Fuel additives for inhibiting ash deposition in fossil fuel burning apparatus
    37. Non-chemical additives for oils
    38. Non-chemical additives for greases
    39. Non-chemical additives for coolants
    40. Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for lubricants
    41. Additives (Non-chemical -) for hydraulic fluids
    42. Lubricants containing low friction additives
    43. Lubricating oils containing additives which protect metal against wear by friction
    44. Non-chemical additives for lubricants.
  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Automotive intake manifolds
    2. Automotive exhaust pipe
    3. Engine cylinders for automobiles
    4. Automobile oil pans
    5. Self-regulating fuel pumps
    6. Ignition wires for motor vehicles
    7. Valves operated automatically by hydraulic control
    8. Valves operated automatically by pneumatic control
    9. Oil tanks [vehicle engine parts]
    10. Air filters for automobile engines
    11. Push rods [vehicle engine parts]
    12. Ignition coils for automotive engines
    13. Ignition devices for motors of land vehicles
    14. Cam sprockets, being engine timing components
    15. Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines
    16. Direct current generator brushes [parts of machines]
    17. Spur wheel pulley blocks [parts of machines]
    18. Workpiece clamping attachments [machines]
    19. Rolling surfaces [parts of machines] for packages
    20. Workpiece carriers [machines]
    21. Pelletizer blades being parts of machines
    22. Pelletizer plates being parts of machines
    23. Grinding tools [machines or parts of machines]
    24. Rotary dies [parts of machines]
    25. Rotary milling cutters [parts of machines]
    26. Cutting tips [parts of machines]
    27. Cutter bars [parts of machines]
    28. Cutting rollers [parts of machines]
    29. Axles for machines
    30. Brushes [parts of machines]
    31. Bellows [parts of machines]
    32. Grease boxes [parts of machines]
    33. Lubricators [parts of machines]
    34. Rotary brushes for machines
    35. Splines (square -) [parts of machines]
    36. Taps being parts of machines
    37. Reducing gears [parts of machines]
    38. Plunger pistons
    39. Tamping rollers [parts of machines]
    40. Stuffing boxes [parts of machines]
    41. Guides for machines
    42. Splines (sliding -) [parts of machines]
    43. Permanent chucks [parts of machines]
    44. Cam rollers [parts of machines]
    45. Splines (involute -) [parts of machines]
    46. Cams being parts of machines
    47. Mufflers [parts of machines]
    48. Turbine shafts [parts of machines]
    49. Linings for brakes [parts of machines]
    50. Linking mechanisms [parts of machines]
    51. Plug cocks [parts of machines]
    52. Oil filters [machine parts]
    53. Core chucks [parts of machines]
    54. Chainguards [parts of machines]
    55. Reducers (Pressure -) [parts of machines]
    56. Shock absorbing cylinders [parts of machines]
    57. Planing tools [parts of machines]
    58. Angle joints [parts of machines]
    59. Wheel hubs being parts of machines
    60. Grabs [parts of machines]
    61. Bearing housings [machine parts]
    62. Intake manifolds [vehicle parts]
    63. Cam covers [vehicle parts]
    64. Lockable valves [parts of machines]
    65. Copper tubes [parts of machines]
    66. Safety valves [parts of machines]
    67. Self-centring chucks [parts of machines]
    68. Mounted bearings [parts of machines]
    69. Casing rings [parts of machines]
    70. Spring bushes [parts of machines]
    71. Spray valves [parts of machines]
    72. Overload couplings [parts of machines]
    73. Heat pumps [parts of machines]
    74. Reduction gears (parts of machines)
    75. Bearings and bushings [machine parts]
    76. Hydraulic accumulators being parts of machines
    77. Butterfly valves being parts of machines
    78. Fluid couplings being parts of machines
    79. Hydraulic intensifiers being parts of machines
    80. Dosing valves [parts of machines]
    81. Wire brushes [parts of machines]
    82. Workpiece indexing devices [parts of machines]
    83. Workpiece clamping attachments [parts of machines]
    84. Grease filters [parts of machines]
    85. Fans being parts of machines
    86. Metal safety valves [parts of machines]
    87. Cylinders being parts of machines
    88. Level regulating valves [parts of machines]
    89. Dispensing valves being machine parts
    90. Baffles [parts of machines, engines or motors]
    91. Roller chains being parts of machines
    92. Speed change gears being parts of machines
    93. Belt pulleys being parts of machines
    94. Ball valves being parts of machines
    95. Hydraulic pliers (parts of constructing machines)
    96. Non-return valves of plastic [parts of machines]
    97. Splash guards [parts of machines]
    98. Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines
    99. Stop valves of plastic [parts of machines]
    100. Laminated leaf-springs being parts of machines
    101. Membrane filters for use as parts of machines
    102. Cylinder heads made of castings of light metal alloys [parts of machines]
    103. Tensioning pieces being parts of machines
    104. Discharge screws for compressed air [parts of machines]
    105. Discharge screws for gaseous materials [parts of machines]
    106. Discharge screws for hydraulic fluids [parts of machines]
    107. Filter housings being parts of machines
    108. Waste gas return valves [parts of machines]
    109. Non-return valves of metal [parts of machines]
    110. Discharge screws for liquid materials [parts of machines]
    111. Cone brakes being parts of machines
    112. Angle valves being parts of machines
    113. Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines
    114. Cocks [valves] of metal parts of machines
    115. Fastener setting tools [parts of machines]
    116. Pressure release screws being parts of machines
    117. Distributor manifolds being parts of machines, engines or motors
    118. Tensioning devices for endless drive power transmissions [parts of machines]
    119. Single sheet diffusion transfer plates [parts of machines]
    120. Brake parts (Machine -) made of materials having frictional properties
    121. Oil tank plugs and caps [vehicle engine parts]
    122. Machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles, and parts therefor
    123. Spray heads [parts of machines]
    124. Spray nozzles being parts of machines
    125. Polishing discs [parts of machines]
    126. Polishing discs [parts of machines]
    127. Non-woven rollers being parts of machines for use in polishing
    128. Non-woven discs being parts of machines for use in cleaning
    129. Non-woven wheels being parts of machines for use in scouring
    130. Oil drain pumps
    131. Fuel pumps for land vehicles
    132. Oil filters for motors and engines
    133. Oil pumps for use in motors and engines
    134. Oil coolers for motors
    135. Oil coolers [vehicle engine parts]
    136. Oil pumps for land vehicle engines
    137. Oil filters for motors and engines
    138. Radiators [cooling] for motors and engines
    139. Fans for cooling vehicle engines
    140. Filters for cleaning cooling air, for engines
    141. Expansion tanks [parts of vehicle cooling radiators]
    142. Radiator caps for cooling radiators of engines
    143. Bearings for machines
    144. Engine bearings
    145. Bearing units for wheels
    146. Bearing inserts [machine parts]
    147. Roller bearings [machine parts]
    148. Hydro-pneumatic accumulators
    149. Hydraulic accumulators
    150. Vacuum accumulators for internal combustion engines
    151. Cylinder head gaskets
    152. Metal engine gaskets for vehicles
    153. Brake linings for machines
    154. Gaskets for internal combustion engines
    155. Non-metal engine gaskets for vehicles
    156. Joints for tubes (metal -) [parts of engines]
    157. Brake linings, other than for vehicles
    158. Free wheel couplings [other than for land vehicles]
    159. Headers as part of vehicle exhaust system
    160. Mufflers [parts of exhaust systems]
    161. Silencers being parts of exhaust systems
    162. Waste gas conduits [parts of machines]
    163. Catalytic converters being parts of vehicle exhausts
    164. Sound absorbers [silencers] being parts of exhaust systems for machines.
  • The mark was filed in class 12 with following description of goods:
    1. Transmission belts for land vehicles
    2. Anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars
    3. Automobile running boards
    4. Glove boxes for automobiles
    5. Upholstery for automobiles
    6. Sun visors for automobiles
    7. Coachwork for motor vehicles
    8. Bucket seats for automobiles
    9. Suspension shock absorbers for motor vehicles
    10. Vehicle seat covers [fitted]
    11. Shift boots for motor vehicles
    12. Seat back organizers specially adapted for use in cars
    13. Vehicle seat covers [shaped]
    14. Air springs for vehicle suspension components for cushioning driver's seats and cabs
    15. Tyres for motor vehicles
    16. Tyres for motor vehicles
    17. Automobile wheels
    18. Tyres for motor vehicles
    19. Automobile wheel spokes
    20. Automobile wheel hubs
    21. Wheel rims [for automobiles]
    22. Air pumps for automobiles
    23. Tyres for motor vehicles
    24. Snow chains for motor vehicles
    25. Wheel rims [for automobiles]
    26. Automobile spare wheel holders
    27. Automobile chains [anti-skid for wheels]
    28. Horns for motor cars
    29. Anti-theft devices for automobiles
    30. Alarm systems for cars
    31. Safety seats for vehicles
    32. Anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars
    33. Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]
    34. Anti-theft locks for use on automobile steering wheels
    35. Automatic gearboxes for motor cars
    36. Spoilers for automotive vehicles
    37. Automobile chains
    38. Bumpers for automobiles
    39. Automobile bodies
    40. Windscreens for motor cars
    41. Windscreens for motor cars
    42. Rear car windows
    43. Motor car windows
    44. Shock absorbers for automobiles
    45. Automobile chassis
    46. Shock absorbers for automobiles
    47. Cigar lighters for automobiles
    48. Ashtrays for automobiles
    49. Car seats
    50. Motor car doors
    51. Hydraulic circuits for motor cars
    52. Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles
    53. Shock absorbing springs for automobiles
    54. Folding roofs for motor vehicles
    55. Soft tops for motor vehicles
    56. Sunshine roofs for vehicles
    57. Dumper bodies for trucks
    58. Sliding roofs for motor vehicles
    59. Automobile windshield sunshades
    60. Gearboxes for motor cars
    61. Automatic gearboxes for land vehicles
    62. Luggage racks for motor cars
    63. Automobile chains [driving]
    64. Windscreen wipers for motor cars
    65. Automobile roof containers
    66. Brake shoes for motor cars
    67. Coverings for car seats
    68. Torque converters for motor cars
    69. Brake segments for motor cars
    70. Clutch mechanisms for motor cars
    71. Suspension systems for automobiles
    72. Gear shifts for automobiles
    73. Glass holders for automobiles
    74. Direction signals for automobiles
    75. Suspension springs for motor cars
    76. Brake linings for motor cars
    77. Windscreen wipers for motor cars
    78. Curtain sheets adapted for motor land vehicles
    79. Automobiles and structural parts therefor
    80. Clips adapted for fastening automobile parts to automobile bodies
    81. Interior trim parts of automobiles
    82. Seat covers [shaped] for use in automobiles
    83. Shaped steering wheel covers for automobiles
    84. Axles and cardan shaft for motor vehicles
    85. Non-skid devices for automobile tires
    86. Seat safety harnesses for motor cars
    87. Load carrying [lifting] attachments for motor vehicles
    88. Automatic gearboxes for land vehicles
    89. Automobiles and structural parts therefor
    90. Buses and structural parts therefor
    91. Petrol tank caps for motor cars
    92. Armrests for automobile seats
    93. Automotive cam drive systems for motor vehicles
    94. Hitches for use with motor land vehicles
    95. Hitch stabilisers for use with motor land vehicles
    96. Cartop canoe and kayak carrier kits
    97. Safety belts for vehicles for motor cars
    98. Door handle scratch guards for automobiles
    99. Electric gear shifting apparatus for land vehicle motors
    100. Luggage racks for attachment to vehicle boots
    101. Luggage racks for attachment to vehicle hoods
    102. Crankcases for components for motor cars (other than for engines)
    103. Tumbler holders adapted for use in motor vehicles
    104. Car body modification parts for sale in kit form
    105. Ball joints [vehicle parts]
    106. Bodywork parts for vehicles
    107. Hydraulic servo valves being parts of vehicle hydraulic systems
    108. Insulated vehicle bodies
    109. Aerodynamic attachments for vehicle bodies
    110. Body panels for vehicles
    111. Vehicle body hardware
    112. Trim panels for vehicle bodies
    113. Wheel bearings for land vehicles
    114. Wiper blade refills for vehicle windscreen wipers
    115. Windshield wiper blades for vehicles
    116. Windshield wipers [vehicle parts]
    117. Wiper blade adapters for vehicles
    118. Windscreen wiper blades
    119. Windscreen wiper arms
    120. Brake facings
    121. Brake linings for land vehicles
    122. Gas tanks grommets for land vehicles
    123. Rearview mirrors
    124. Mirrors for vehicles
    125. Rearview mirrors for interior fitting
    126. Rearview mirrors for interior fitting
    127. Mirrors for vehicles
    128. Mirrors for vehicles
    129. Rearview mirrors [vehicle parts].
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Advertising the goods and services of online vendors via a searchable online guide
    2. Provision of an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services
    3. Advertising services relating to the sale of goods
    4. Import and export services
    5. Wholesale services relating to automobile parts
    6. Retail services relating to automobile parts
    7. Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes
    8. Sales promotion for others provided through the distribution and the administration of privileged user cards
    9. Provision of information concerning commercial sales
    10. Providing information via the Internet relating to the sale of automobiles
    11. Retail services in relation to batteries
    12. Retail services relating to accumulators
    13. Wholesale services in relation to fuels
    14. Retail services in relation to vehicles
    15. Retail services in relation to lubricants
    16. Wholesale services in relation to lubricants
    17. Retail services in relation to fuels
    18. Retail services relating to automobile accessories
    19. Wholesale services relating to automobile accessories
    20. Retail services in relation to agricultural equipment
    21. Automatic re-ordering service for business
    22. Retail services in relation to car accessories
    23. Wholesale services in relation to cooling equipment
    24. Retail services in relation to cooling equipment.
  • The mark was filed in class 37 with following description of goods:
    1. Inspection of automobiles and their parts prior to maintenance and repair
    2. Vulcanizing of automobile tires [repair]
    3. Tuning of automobile engines
    4. Automotive oil change services
    5. Gasoline refuelling service for motor vehicles
    6. Custom installation of automobile interiors
    7. Advisory services relating to the repair of motor vehicles
    8. Maintenance of parts and fittings for commercial motor land vehicles
    9. Automobile body repair and finishing for others
    10. Mobile automotive oil change services provided at the customer's location
    11. Arranging for the maintenance of motor land vehicles
    12. Installation of automobile accessories
    13. Automobile repair and maintenance
    14. Automobile cleaning and car washing
    15. Automobile pinstriping
    16. Repair of parts of engines
    17. Assembly [installation] of parts for vehicles
    18. Fitting of replacement vehicle parts
    19. Maintenance and repair of chassis parts and bodies for vehicles
    20. Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and parts thereof
    21. Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and parts thereof and of engines for motor vehicles and parts thereof
    22. Repair of air filters and parts thereof
    23. Maintenance and repair of axles and parts thereof
    24. Reconditioning of vacuum pumps and parts thereof
    25. Repair of intake air filters and parts thereof
    26. Maintenance and repair of parts and fittings for boats
    27. Panel beating
    28. Auto body repair services
    29. Maintenance and repair of motor vehicle cooling systems
    30. Replacement of accumulators
    31. Recharging of batteries and accumulators
    32. Cleaning by means of scouring (Services for -).
  • The mark was filed in class 40 with following description of goods:
    1. Customisation of motor vehicles
    2. Custom assembling of automobile bodies and chassis for others
    3. Application of wear resistant coatings by autocatalytic processes
    4. Etching of a sequence of traceable identification numbers on automobile windows so as to identify a particular automobile recovered after theft
    5. Tinting of car windows
    6. Treatment of metal parts to prevent corrosion
    7. Machining parts for others
    8. Treatment of metal parts to prevent corrosion using hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating processes
    9. Custom manufacture of sintered parts
    10. Rental of cooling apparatus and installations.